Obrazy na zakázku

beloved people, favorite placebeautiful flowers,

saved FOREVER with just a touch of a brush


Have you ever thought how wonderful would it be to have a painting of your children on the wall? They grow up so fast it's incredible. Or perhaps your parents, or a loved one?


It's also very common among brides to save their wedding bouquet as a souvenir of that beautiful day. It's such a shame, it was so beautiful for just few days and puff... gone. Some brides dry them and hang as a decoration, some make accessories from resin, but how about a painting? I can paint them just the way they were on that day:) If you'd love some other flowers it doesn't have to be a wedding bouquet. Could be a favourite flower, a family tree, or a birth month flower. Sky is the limit!:) 


This place once looked different. It had trees and flowers in the backyard, the window sill was green and our dog Bailey was always sleeping by the door. With my watercolours I can commemorate every place you hold dear, so you could keep it as it was, forever:)